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U Ovcarny 18
360 07 Karlovy Vary
Pension keeper (landlord)

Accommodation rules

  1. The accommodation contract (according to § 754 and the following of the Civil code) between the guest and BD SCHNEEBERG s.r.o. is concluded by the signature of the guest on the guest card.
  2. The accommodation will be given only to a guest who can prove his valid ID card, passport or another valid proof of identity.
  3. For the accommodation and provided services, the guest is obliged to pay the prices according to the valid pricelist.
  4. The guest is fully responsible for caused damages and the landlord has a right to charge an amount of cash that the damage is worth.
  5. The landlord has the right to offer another than the agreed type of accommodation in special cases, if this is basically not different from the confirmed order.
  6. Check-in is possible between 4 oclock p.m. ? 7 oclock p.m. unless a different check-in time has been agreed.
  7. The guests are obliged to vacate the room by 10 oclock a.m. on the day of departure.
  8. By check-in, the guest gets the room key and the main door key. The guest is obliged to foreclose the loss of these keys, and it is also forbidden to lend the keys to those, who are not accommodated in the pension. 1,000 CZK is charged for a loss of the keys.
  9. If a prolongation of the accommodation is asked, the landlord has a right to offer the guest another room different from the first one for this additional stay.
  10. Guests properties are not covered by the landlord. Guests properties are not insured.
  11. Guests life and health are not covered by the landlord.
  12. By leaving the room, the guest is obliged to turn off all water taps and lights, switch off all electrical appliances and close the windows and doors. By check-out, the guest is obliged to hand the room key over in the reception.
  13. For safety reasons it is not desirable to leave children under 10 years unattended in the room and other premises. Legal representatives are responsible for the damage caused by unattended children.
  14. Smoking is prohibited in the whole building.
  15. It is prohibited to bring any pets or animals in the pension building.
  16. It is prohibited to wear ski boots inside of the building.
  17. All guests are obliged:
    1. pay the price for the accommodation according to the valid pricelist
    2. to use the premises of the pension properly, to keep the room /particularly bathroom and kitchen/ clear and tidy, to restore the kitchen before the end of the stay
    3. to keep all accommodation rules
    4. to let the landlord know any defects or failures
    5. immediately let the landlord know of any defects or failures that were caused by the guest in the premises
    6. by entering the building it is desirable to close both front and back door
    7. It is prohibited to:
      1. make significant changes in their rooms (e.g. move the furniture etc.) without the landlords permition
      2. use own electric appliances, with the exception of those for personal use of guests
      3. allow in any people who have not checked in or settled the accommodation fee with the intention to let them stay at the pension
      4. welcome visits in the room
      5. introduce the address of the pension like the place of business
      6. bring in the pension building any guns or munition, combustibles or other chemical substances, narcotics and explosives including
      7. The landlord will make every effort to remove the known defects or failures.
      8. Guests are requested to do not disturb peace and quite between 10 oclock p.m. and 7 oclock a.m. and to keep good morals, the room and the halls tidy and clean.
      9. Guests can use the privat parking behind the pension. The landlord is not responsible for eventual vehicle theft or any car robbery.
      10. Towels and bath towels are standardly changed after one week, by request sooner. Tidying up is not executed during one-week stays.
      11. Pension has the right to withdraw from the contract if the guest violates grossly good morals or the duties defined in this contract.
      12. In case of avoidance of the accommodation contract the pension reserves the privilege to call upon the guest to quit the pension.
      13. Cancellation conditions:
        The requested booked type of accommodation can be guarantee as soon as the deposit of 50% from the total price for the accommodation is settled on account of the landlord. This deposit is nonreturnable also if the client cancel his reservation later than 60 days before the start of his stay.

      Accommodation Regulations issued:

      BD SCHNEEBERG, s.r.o.
      In Karlovy Vary 1.12.2006
      BD SCHNEEBERG s.r.o., U Ovcarny 18, 360 07 Karlovy Vary, tel. +420774926200
      email :

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